Our team

Managing Director

Mr. Siu started the first IVF clinic, the First Fertility PGD Center Limited, in Bangkok Thailand in 2014.

One year later, he exported the expertise from Thailand to Cambodia, and started the First Fertility Phnom Penh clinic in 2015.

The two clinics enjoyed steady growth, and performed close to 700 patient cycles in 2017.

Mr. Siu’s concept for the IVF Centers is a luxurious one-stop service, defined as an exclusive yet inexpensive patient experience, characterized by quality service and care throughout the IVF treatment. The patients will always be guided by our personal assistant to provide professional support in all aspects of the program, including accommodation, travel, and medical treatment

Medical Director

Graduated with a Master’s Degree in Medicine from Norman Bethune Health Science Center of Jilin Medical University, Dr. Du was a Deputy Director of Physicians with national municipal accreditation status. He was trained at the International Reproductive Union (IFFS), and is a professional members of the Jiangsu Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Dr. Du has over 30 years clinical experience in obstetrics and gynecology and human assisted reproductive technology. He is proficient in gynecological endocrinology, and has mastered a variety of reproductive technology procedures.

In mainland China, Dr. Du was responsible for setting up two Center for Reproductive Medicine (Bengbu Medical College Center for Reproductive Medicine, and the PLA Lanzhou Chief hospital Center for Reproductive Medicine).

Fertility Specialist


From July 1997 to September 2009

She was engaged in clinical maternity work in the Third People's Hospital of Liaoning Province. During the period, she passed the examination and obtained the qualification for Practicing Doctors in the People's Republic of China. During herstudies at Jiamusi University, she obtained an Undergraduate and Bachelor's Degree.

Fertility Specialist


2014-2017: Master of Science in Specialty Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam.

2015-2016: Certificate of Basic endoscopic surgery in gynecology, Central Obstetric and Gynecology hospital, Vietnam.

2014-2015: Certificate of General Ultrasound, Saint Paul Hospital, Vietnam.          

2013-2014: Completed the course on basic specialist in Paediatrics, Thai Binh Medical

2008-2014: General Medical Doctor, Thai Binh Medical University, Vietnam.


Educational Background

  • 25 December 1989 : Bachelor of Nursing
  • 20 August 1992 : Graduated High School (Additional Study)
  • 23 June 1997 : Bachelor of Specialized Anesthesiology of Emergency Resuscitation
  • 01 February 2000 : Certificated of Specialized Anesthesiology of Emergency Resuscitation and Heart Surgery
  • 15 June 2005 : Diploma of General English
  • 08 September 2008 : Degree of Doctor of Medicine

In 1995, Doctor Xu Shifu graduated from Jinzhou Medical College (now renamed as Jinzhou Medical University) earning his medical degree (specific name of his course). He went to China Medical University to study for a master's degree in Anesthesiology under the well-known anesthesiologist Professor Lu Huangwei, who was mainly engaged in research work on cognitive function (brain damage). He then practiced as an Anesthesiologist for more than 20 years, successfully participated in more than 10,000 cases of surgery without any anesthesia accidents nor any incidents. In his work as an anesthesiologist, he worked in particularly difficult cases involving various critically ill patients. He is now currently involved in the research work of the National Natural Science Foundation of the Department of Anesthesiology in China Medical University.